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Lift Maintenance Contract Audit

What Is a Lift Maintenance Contract Audit?

A lift maintenance contract audit is an audit of how your lift currently complies with your signed lift maintenance contract. Professional lift auditors undertake an extensive review of your current lift maintenance contract to ensure that your lift supplier is fulfilling everything required of them under the contract you have signed.


A lift maintenance contract audit is an excellent way to keep your lift supplier honest in their work, and keep your lift equipment in optimal order for safety and lower running costs. 

What Are the Benefits of a Lift Modernization Handover Audit?

Lifts are generally very reliable pieces of equipment, if they are maintained properly. However many building owners do not actually know what their lift maintenance contract entails, let alone whether the contract is being fully honoured. A lift maintenance contract audit ensures that you are getting what you are paying for when it comes to the maintenance of your lift. 


Put simply, a lift maintenance contract audit is an independent analysis of how your lift is being maintained, and how your contract is being executed. 

Comply with all necessary safety and legal codes

Save money with reduced costs in energy and repairs

Maximise your elevator’s dependability and uptime

Minimise the risks to the safety of your passengers

Expand your elevator’s life with the appropriate specifications and schedule repair or parts replacement

Improve your reputation as a safe location for visitors

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Initial Consult

The first stage is usually a face-to-face meeting to discuss your equipment goals. We look at contract requirements, security, safety, efficiency, and cost considerations.

Audit Your Lift Maintenance Contract

At this stage, we extensively examine your lift equipment agreement to ensure that you are getting precisely what you paid for in your contract.

A lift maintenance contract can be complex, and it’s in the lift supplier’s interest to fulfil the least work amount possible for the highest contracted price. An independent lift maintenance contract audit ensures an objective review of your contract to ensure you are maximizing the value of the contract signed. 

We also look at elements such as passenger convenience and the presentation of your lift to make sure they meet the necessary criteria. If your current contract presents gaps or inefficiencies, we can assist you in taking the right measures to ensure the contract benefits you, and not the lift supplier.

Project Equipment Expectations

This stage gives you an idea of how your lifts will perform during the months and years to come.  We can also provide you with insights into prospective legislation or code changes that might affect you.

The Importance of Compliance With Safety Laws

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A lift is a piece of serious machinery that transports people to many vertical metres, which is why it is important for building owners to comply rigorously with all applicable safety and regulatory criteria.

All applicable standards, including EN115, EN81, and JKKP’s Factory and Machinery Act - Malaysia (FMA) are followed by Approved Lift Consultants.

Be confident that we are committed to complete compliance for your passengers' safety.

How Often Do You Need to Audit Your Lift Maintenance Contract?

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We advise you to check your lift maintenance contract once or twice a year. The audit should be fully independent of your present lift service provider and offer you a clear review of the performance, efficiency, and execution of your lift maintenance contract.

What’s Next For Getting a Lift Maintenance Contract Audit?

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Your lift equipment is essential for many aspects of your business – therefore your current lift maintenance contract must be performed without fail.


Due to the fact that lifts and are so vital for so many companies, we always take the utmost care in our approach to lift and maintenance contracts. The end goal is that we can identify problems before they happen to save you time and costs. 


Approved Lift Consultants have over one hundred years of combined lift maintenance and research expertise, and we pride ourselves on our independent, honest advice. 


If you have any questions at all about how to go about getting an audit for your new lift, please do contact us at

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