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Evaluation of Lift Modernization Proposal

What Is a Lift Modernization Proposal Evaluation?

When it finally comes time to have your lifts modernized, your current or prospective lift supplier should give you a full and detailed proposal that covers exactly what they want to modernize, and why. This is obviously an opportunity for the lift supplier to up-sell you to all sorts of modern delights; however, not everything proposed will be in the best interests of you, the building owner, or the passengers who ride the lifts themselves.


A lift modernization proposal evaluation is an entirely independent review of your lift supplier’s modernization proposal, and it allows you to have objective oversight of what is, and isn’t needed to update your lifts. The end goal is to not just save you money with the modernization process itself but to save you time and money in the long run by extending your lifts’ lifespan and lowering energy and repair costs.

What Are the Benefits of a Lift Modernization Proposal Evaluation?

In a perfect world, your lift supplier will provide you with the perfect lift modernization proposal — everything will be completely bespoke to your needs, and there would be no unnecessary expenditure of any kind.


In the real world, of course, a lift supplier is a business like any other, and they will be making an effort to maximise their profits. This could mean they propose unnecessary changes or upgrades, or worse, they could underestimate your needs and provide a substandard proposal.


A lift modernization proposal evaluation gives you peace of mind knowing that you’ve had an expert, independent eye thoroughly review the proposal. Unlike the lift supplier, the modernization proposal evaluator has only one motive — to make sure you get exactly what you need, and at a fair price.

Guarantee that the modernization proposal follows all relevant safety and legal requirements.

Know that the proposed modernization will genuinely save you money through reduced energy use and maintenance costs. 

Ensure the proposed modernizations will increase the uptime and dependability of your lift.

Make certain the proposed modernizations will enhance your reputation as a safe destination for visitors.

The ability to tailor the modernizations to your passengers’ needs and wants

Make sure that all of the right specs are proposed and 

to be clear about the coverage of maintenance work which should not be covered under modernization work.

Evaluation of Lift Modernization and Upgrading Proposal



The first step is all about you and your needs. We will have a face-to-face conversation about your goals for the lift equipment, your building, and your visitors’ needs. We will also talk about security, safety, efficiency, energy costs, contract requirements, and so on.

Assess Your Lift Modernization Proposal

This step can either involve advising you as to whether your lift equipment needs modernizing, or assessing a current lift modernization proposal from your lift supplier.


If you are unsure as to whether your lift equipment needs modernizing, we can review your equipment and advise if you should seek out a modernization proposal from your current or prospective lift supplier. To determine if you require lift modernization, we will review Your current lift service and maintenance contract, Your lift’s maintenance and component status and Your lift’s overall performance.

Lift Modernization Tender Bills of Quantity Preparation

In this optional step, we can prepare the tender bills of quantity for your lift modernization. This involves preparing an itemized list of materials, parts, and labour, to ensure you are getting the best possible deal for each and every component of your lift modernization. 

Evaluation and Award of Lift Modernization Tender

In another optional step, we will undertake an in-depth technical review of multiple lift modernization tenders/proposals, and recommend the best tender/proposal for your consideration.

Lift Modernization Project Management

Making sure your lift modernization project is completed in a safe and timely manner can be quite a complex procedure. In this optional step, we can undertake full project management responsibilities to ensure your lift is modernized according to the agreed specifications, on budget, and on time.

Lift Modernization Handover Audit

As a final optional step, once the lift has been modernized, we can undertake a completely independent audit of your lift modernization project, to ensure every single step of the original proposal has been followed. This ensures your lift supplier has kept to the contractual agreements, and you have received exactly what you paid for. 

The Importance of Legal and Safety Compliance for Your Lift Modernization

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Modernizing a lift is not just about changing some cogs and adding a few shiny buttons; a lift is a serious piece of heavy machinery, and it is responsible for safely transporting humans between multiple floors in a building. For this reason, a lift modernization proposal must adhere to the latest safety and regulatory standards.  We follow all applicable standards, including EN81, EN115, and JKKP’s Factory and Machinery Act - Malaysia (FMA). We have built our reputation on ensuring the safety of lifts across Southeast Asia, so adherence to all legal requirements is our priority.

What’s Next For Getting a Lift Modernization Handover Audit?

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Your lift equipment is essential for many aspects of your business – therefore your current lift maintenance contract must be performed without fail.


Due to the fact that lifts and are so vital for so many companies, we always take the utmost care in our approach to lift and maintenance contracts. The end goal is that we can identify problems before they happen to save you time and costs. 


Approved Lift Consultants have over one hundred years of combined lift maintenance and research expertise, and we pride ourselves on our independent, honest advice. 


If you have any questions at all about how to go about getting an audit for your new lift, please do contact us at   

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