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Escalator Service and Safety Audit

What Is an Escalator Service and Safety Audit?

It's reasonable to imagine that once you initiate an escalator service contract, you won't have to worry about anything else — after all, it is the escalator supplier who is responsible for routine maintenance and safety compliance.


There are times however where your escalators’ components might fail due to a lack of diligence from your escalator supplier. For this reason you'll want to ensure that your escalator service and safety contract is being completely fulfilled as per your original agreement. 


An escalator service and safety audit guarantees that every aspect of your maintenance service is carried out correctly, safely, and in line with the contract you agreed to. An elevator service and safety audit will also verify that your equipment complies with all safety rules and laws.


An escalator service and safety audit is fully independent — which means you get a totally impartial overview of your escalator provider’s performance, ensuring the safety of your elevator equipment.

What Are the Benefits of a Lift Modernization
Handover Audit?

Maximize the reliability and uptime of your escalator

Keep your passengers safe

Increase your escalator's lifespan by making sure you keep the necessary specifications

Save money through reduced energy use and fewer repairs

Enhance your reputation as a secure and convenient building

Comply with all safety and legal standards necessary

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Initial Consult

The first step is usually a face-to-face conversation about your building and equipment objectives. The priority areas addressed here are usually contract compliance, safety, reliability, efficiency, and lower overheads.

Review of Lift Maintenance/Service Contract

We will review your current lift maintenance contract or service contract. This step is designed to verify that your lift maintenance and service documentation are valid, up-to-date and in your best interest as a business owner or building owner.

We will verify that your lift maintenance provider is in compliance with all applicable safety codes and laws.

Assess Escalator Component Status

This optional phase allows us to evaluate the work that your escalator supplier has done, and compare it to your maintenance or service contract for your escalator equipment. In this step, we want to make sure you get what you paid for.

We also consider factors such as ride comfort, equipment cosmetics, and general cleanliness in order to meet our high standards. If we foresee any component failure, we will let you know how to mitigate these risks.

We can also help you identify any gaps or inefficiencies in your current escalator maintenance service contract, and how to resolve them.

Assess Escalator Performance

In this optional step, we can undertake a comprehensive review of the performance of your escalator as an optional phase. We will examine the performance of your escalator, including how often it has failed, for how long, and how fast the lift was repaired or serviced when necessary.

Audit Component Failure and Repairs

Clients may also optionally request that we audit the failure of a componentry. We can audit, for example, the failure of an escalator driving chain that has only been in service for a year. Generally speaking, new components should last a very long time, so we can ensure your escalator supplier is using the correctly specked equipment, and they have installed it properly to ensure that long life.

We can also audit your lift repair work if they fail to meet acceptable standards. This will ensure that repairs are made in good faith and minimize downtime.

The Importance of Legal and Safety Compliance for Your Lift

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Full legal compliance is critical to not only the safety of your escalator passengers, but also to minimise your legal exposure.We ensure you are adhering to all relevant legal standards, including JKKP’s Factory and Machinery Act - Malaysia (FMA), EN81, and EN115. Our complete focus is on full legal compliance for the safety of your passengers.

How Often Do You Need to Audit Your Modernized Lift Maintenance Contract?

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We recommend that you audit your escalator once or twice a year. It should be entirely independent of your existing service provider, and give you a detailed overview of escalator efficiency, performance, as well as the implementation of your escalator maintenance contract.

What’s Next For Getting a Lift Modernization Handover Audit?

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Full compliance with safety laws and codes keeps your escalator passengers safe, and mitigates your legal exposure. 


With this emphasis on safety and compliance in mind, we always proceed with extraordinary caution and foresight when assessing escalator maintenance work. The better we do our job, the more likely you are to discover small issues before they create larger concerns in the future.


With over 100 years of combined escalator maintenance and research expertise, we pride ourselves on our honest and independent advice.


If you have any questions at all about how to go about getting an audit for your escalator, please do contact us at 

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