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Our Story

With an Approved Lift Consultants audit, you receive a checklist which provides insight on the current state of your lifts or escalators in comparison with the contractual obligations of the list company. This is particularly useful after a handover of new and modernised lifts or escalators from the main contractor or developer as we conduct a detailed inspection of each point in the contract.

Lift and escalator maintenance must be conducted as per local laws and international standards. To ensure this golden standard is met, our auditors will review the equipment and verify whether the obligated maintenance was safely carried out. Rest assured that an independent audit’s result will reveal the truth.

Stepping into the digital age, we understand that integrating data analytics is an essential component of effective, value-driven audit practices. Approved Lift Consultants use a software that is populated with years of data, allowing us to use the analytics to provide improved lift safety, reliability, and cost reduction to our clients.


With a cumulative experience of 100 years and over 8,500 lifts audited translating to USD25 million is savings by our clients, we are perfect for the job. We are available 24/7, so connect with us anytime and get one step closer to experiencing the best in lift and escalator consultation and auditing services!

We provide transparent, unbiased scientific lift and escalator audits which consists of detailed inspections of the lift performance as well as assessments on the lift company’s contractual obligation and what the clients experience when using the lifts and escalators. Addressing this gap is crucial to ensure that the building owners are indeed receiving the services that was promised to by lift companies.






Varsha and Kirit Kumar had just graduated with business degrees but with Singapore facing the height of global recession, the job market was very bleak. The duo identified a niche and began providing specialised restoration services to businesses and corporates who had suffered losses due to fire, explosion or flood inundation.

Kirit teamed up with Yap Kok Haw, a highly acclaimed restoration specialist, to further expand the restoration offerings. Soon after, the head office was moved to Malaysia to cut costs and pass on the savings, especially to the international clientele.

With the addition of John Horswell to the team, AGI expanded to include fire & explosion investigation, engineering loss investigation, lift and escalator audit, and motor vehicle accident investigation and reconstructions to its repertoire. The team grew with civil, electrical, electronic, marine, mechanical engineers, forensic scientists, lift inspectors and auditors among others coming onboard to provide their expertise.

We identified that a gap exists between the lift companies, building owners and the lift users. To ensure that optimal services is being provided to each of these parties, a ‘Check and Balance’ was required. That is where the Approved Lift Consultants come in.

Meet The Team in Action

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