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Lift Modernization Handover Audit

What Is a Lift Modernization Handover Audit?

A lift modernization handover audit is a complete audit of your newly modernized lift equipment, it’s performance, safety, efficiency, as well as an independent scrutinization of its modernization and maintenance contract. Significant effort is also put into making sure that your current lift supplier is actually fulfilling what they have promised in your lift modernization and maintenance contract.


Above all, a lift modernization handover audit is a completely independent review of your lift and its maintenance to ensure you are getting the best service possible from your lift supplier. The end goal is to save you time and money in the long run through a longer lift lifespan and lower overheads in energy and repairs. 

What Are the Benefits of a Lift Handover Audit?

It’s easy enough to assume that once your lift has been modernized, there isn’t much more to worry about; after all, there is usually a free service period (for a specified time), and after that, the lift maintenance programme will take care of the rest. 


Like all pieces of machinery, however, components may fail, and you’ll want to make sure that your current lift supplier is actually doing the work they promised to do to mitigate these failures. 


A lift modernization handover audit will ensure that your newly renovated lift is in complete accordance with what you paid for, and that your current lift maintenance service provider is up to rigorous independent standards. 

Above all, a lift modernization handover audit is absolutely impartial; it will discover what is objectively there to see, not what a lift service provider wants you to see!

Follow all applicable latest safety and legal requirements

Save money by lowering your energy usage & maintenance costs

Increase the dependability and uptime of your elevator​

Reduce risks to your passengers' safety & Improve the lift’s performance

With the right specs, you can extend the life of your lifts

Improve your reputation as a visitor-safe site

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Initial Consent

The first stage is usually a face-to face meeting to discuss your equipment goals. We look at contract requirements, security, safety, efficiency, and cost considerations.

Assess Equipment

We undertake a detailed examination of your lift equipment, installation documents, and the performance of your lift maintenance service provider.


For lift inspections, our specialists use cutting-edge tools such as thermal images and three dimensional modelling to examine the Lift motor room, Lift car top & hoistway, Lift car,Lift pit

Audit Your Lift Modernization

In this phase, we extensively evaluate your agreed-upon modernized lift contract to ensure that you are receiving precisely what you paid for. We also look at factors like ride comfort and passenger impressions to ensure they meet the standards we expect.


If we discover inefficiencies or gaps in your present contract, we can assist you in resolving these issues. 

Project Equipment Expectations

This phase will provide you with an insight into how your lifts will operate in the coming months and years. We can also provide you with information on prospective legislative or regulatory changes that may affect you.

The Importance of Legal and Safety Compliance for Your Lift

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A lift is a significant piece of machinery that moves people several vertical metres, thus building owners must strictly adhere to all applicable latest safety and regulatory standards.

How Often Do You Need to Audit Your Modernized Lift Maintenance Contract?

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We recommend that your new modernized lift is audited when the lift supplier hands over the lift to the building owner. The inspection should be completely independent of your lift supplier and give you a full picture of your lift’s performance, efficiency after modernization, and maintenance contract execution thereafter.

What’s Next For Getting a Lift Modernization Handover Audit?

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Because your lift equipment is critical to so many elements of your organisation, your current lift maintenance contract should be followed without fail.


With this in mind, we always take the utmost care in our approach to lift maintenance contracts. The ultimate objective is to identify issues before they occur in order to save you time and money.


We have over 100 years of combined lift maintenance and research expertise, and our clients will assure you of our independent, honest advice. 


If you have any questions at all about how to go about getting an audit for your modernized lift, please do contact us at

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